The Ultimate Script for Setting up a New Mac

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On March 21, 2019, my laptop’s hard drive suddenly died. It was 7 years old, so I didn’t feel too bad about having to get a new computer. However, what was painful was setting up the new laptop.

I wanted to start fresh, so I spent a whole day setting up my new Rose Gold MacBook Air and putting together a checklist of everything I did. I was determined to automate as much as possible so that I would never have to waste time like this again.

In addition to a complete Ruby web dev setup, I also automated the installation of all my Mac apps, cloning all the GitHub repos I work on, and setting my macOS preferences. This was well worth the effort because I ended up setting up three other Macs since then (for work before I quit my job, and personal use), and I’ll continue to save 8 hours for each new Mac I get in the future.

And now, you too can set up your new Mac in minutes without having to spend 100+ hours trying to automate it yourself! And you don’t have to worry about keeping your scripts up to date.

In the Ultimate version of Ruby on Mac, I’m introducing improved and much easier to use versions of my Git, repos, and macOS preferences scripts, among other exclusive features.

Below are more features that will only be available in the Ultimate version.

These are available now:

  • 30-minute consultation with me (most people ask for help updating legacy Rails and Jekyll projects) - $150 value
  • Access to the private GitHub repo so you can see the complete source code and get updates in real-time
  • A Brewfile with hundreds of dev tools, Mac apps, and fonts to make setting up your new Mac even faster
  • Script for setting up the fish shell
  • Priority Support via email or Zoom

These I’m still working on:

  • Set up two separate Ruby installations, and easily switch between them. This is for those who need to run both legacy apps using the Intel architecture, and newer apps using Apple Silicon.
  • Choose your preferred Ruby version manager (asdf, rbenv, or chruby)
  • Script for generating a new Jekyll or Bridgetown site ready to be deployed to GitHub Pages with GitHub Actions, or to Netlify
  • Script for generating a new Rails 7 app ready to be deployed to Heroku or Render
  • Jekyll and Bridgetown templates ready to go with SEO plugins, Tailwind, analytics, and syntax highlighting
  • Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, and Raycast shortcuts for maintaining your dev setup

As I add more time-saving features, the price for new customers will increase to at least $129, but you can get Ultimate today for only $109, and you’ll get the upcoming features for free.