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one-time payment

plus local taxes

  • One year of updates included. After that, you can optionally buy an additional year of updates for $49, or upgrade to Ultimate for unlimited updates.

  • Run a single command, and get a complete Ruby dev setup in 15 minutes with the following tools:

  • Homebrew, Command Line Tools, chruby, ruby-install, Ruby 3.2.1 and 3.1.3, Bundler, Cocoapods, Jekyll, Rails, Git, GitHub CLI, Heroku CLI, Node, Nodenv, Postgres, Redis, Yarn

  • Easily install additional supported Ruby versions (2.7 and greater) with ruby-install

  • If your dev setup is a mess, "reset" mode can safely back up and clean everything up in 1 minute.

  • "rom" alias to easily run the script regularly to keep your dev setup up to date and secure

  • Install gems 4x faster

  • Keeps Rubygems up to date

  • Comprehensive troubleshooting guide

  • Support for fish shell

  • Customize with your own scripts and dev tools

  • Save $5,000+ and 50+ hours by not writing and maintaining 2259 lines of code yourself

  • Support within 24 hours

Get Prime



one-time payment

plus local taxes

  • Everything in Prime + MySQL

  • Unlimited lifetime updates included for a one-time cost of $109.

  • 30-minute consultation for personalized help ($150 value)

  • Access to the private GitHub repo

  • Support for Ruby 2.6.10

  • Install Ruby up to 2x faster than any other tool, and almost 3x faster than Prime

  • Set your preferred Ruby version manager — asdf, chruby, frum, rbenv or rvm

  • Speed up Bignum operations on Apple Silicon by 28x

  • rom CLI to maintain your dev setup and perform common actions. Features are being added regularly.

  • The correct version of OpenSSL is automatically chosen for you depending on the Ruby version

  • Brewfile with hundreds of dev tools, Mac apps, and fonts

  • Support for multiple Brewfiles

  • Easily customize and set macOS preferences

  • Git config setup

  • Clone multiple GitHub repos at once in seconds

  • Fish shell setup

  • Install the latest Ruby versions from the Ruby GitHub repo (for testing purposes)

  • Save $10,000+ and 100+ hours by not writing and maintaining 4200+ lines of code yourself

  • Priority Support

  • Install versions older than Ruby 2.6 on Apple Silicon (coming soon)

  • Generate a Jekyll/Bridgetown site with Tailwind, ready to deploy to GitHub Pages/Netlify (coming soon)

  • Generate a Rails 7 app ready to deploy to Render or Heroku (coming soon)

Get Ultimate

Team Pricing

Do your new engineers or students set up their Mac manually? Wow them with the best onboarding experience they've had. Get an Ultimate Team license for up to 25 people.
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I initially thought Ruby on Mac was expensive, but I wanted to use Ruby to build a site using Jekyll, and I had already spent several hours trying to get it to work, but couldn't. So I bought it, and Ruby on Mac got things working instantly and cleaned up my environment so I could focus on developing.

I love that Ruby on Mac just works, but the main reason I would recommend it to others is Moncef (the creator). I had a couple of extra issues due to the mess I've made playing with different Python environments and flags. Moncef even released a new version within 24 hours to help me.

Michael Rogers

I bought Ruby On Mac for all the reasons really that you outlined in the benefits. I have a project that I am doing using Swift and I wanted to use CocoaPods on an M1 Mac. I was able to get it running with rbenv but it still threw up permission errors now and then. I have a short time to complete the work for my Masters degree so I felt this was certainly worth the cost to get the environment up and running and move on with the project. I really love the automation and the clean up with ROM.

Paul Olphert

Yes Ruby on Mac worked for me. I bought it because when I tried setting up a bare react native project I kept getting Ruby errors probably since Im on M2. Even after following your guide. So I bought ruby on mac, ran reset mode, and it worked.

Rick Wang

It totally worked. Thanks Moncef! I bought it because the last time I tried to get Ruby/Rails set up on new MacBook Pro it turned into a headache and I needed a developer to help me get it all done. I didn't want to bug a developer and with your tool I was able to get up-and-running all by myself. Totally worth the money.

Daniel Burka

Yes, it's a great product. I rarely ever leave reviews or provide feedback on products but I really was delighted with the script. I was attempting to build a site with Jekyll and was getting caught in a rat's nest of errors. I wasn't sure what needed to be done to resolve them and stack overflow posts were more confusing than helpful. Thanks!

Liam Quinn

Just a quick note to say thanks! Struggled for a day trying to get the Flutter development stack to work, which has dependency on cocoapods -> ruby which i have absolutely no interest in, but was causing builds to an iOS app to fail.

Your script worked as advertised and 15 minutes later i was deploying to iOS devices.

Robin Puthli

Get back on track with Ruby on Mac.

Get peace of mind that you'll always have a working Ruby dev setup.