Set up your new Mac just the way you like it. In minutes.

Read more in my article about the ultimate script for setting up a new Mac.

Ruby on Mac Ultimate - Early Bird Pricing

Get a complete and customizable dev setup with all your dev tools, Mac apps, macOS preferences, fonts, and GitHub repos. Keep everything up to date by simply typing "rom".

What's included

  • Everything in Prime

  • Unlimited updates

  • 30-minute consultation for help updating old Ruby projects ($150 value)

  • Access to the private GitHub repo

  • Brewfile with hundreds of dev tools, Mac apps, and fonts

  • Support for multiple Brewfiles

  • Easily customize and set macOS preferences

  • Git config setup

  • Clone multiple GitHub repos at once in seconds

  • Fish shell setup

  • Choose from asdf, rbenv or chruby as your Ruby version manager (coming soon)

  • Generate a Jekyll/Bridgetown site with Tailwind, ready to deploy to GitHub Pages/Netlify (coming soon)

  • Generate a Rails 7 app ready to deploy to Heroku (coming soon)

  • Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, and Raycast shortcuts for maintaining your dev setup (coming soon)

  • Save 100+ hours trying to automate it all yourself and keep it up to date

  • Priority Support

Buy once, get future updates for free

$99 $129

Get a team license $899