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While I don't run into problems with my ruby environment often, every time I do, getting out of the hole I've dug for myself is slow and frustrating. I'd been trying to fix an issue and clearly made things worse before they were getting better. I spent probably more than an hour before I realized I wanted to clean up the mess and start "fresh".

Ruby on Mac had me back to a clean starting point within 15 minutes and the confidence to move forward again. The documentation and troubleshooting were some of the best I've ever seen for a very technical product. Impressed!

Alex Hillman

I spent around 3 days trying to solve dependencies and version issues mixed with an M1 mac chip while working on a Rails app. I looked and tried and retried so many possible solutions from so many sources on the web... but nothing was working. Then I clicked on the logo menu of one of the numerous blog posts I read, and I saw exactly the words I was looking for: "Goodbye gem and Ruby installation issues. Hello Ruby on Mac."

At first I thought it was too good to be true, but after a background check, I decided to go for it. And man it worked so well I am ready to dive into my app development again. Thank you again!

Monica Randriamialy

I ran Ruby on Mac and it worked great! It fixed all my stuff immediately.

I know just enough about using the Terminal to be dangerous, and Ruby on Mac has already gotten me out of that danger more times than I can count. I don't understand how Ruby on Mac does what it does, but I am insanely grateful that it does it. Over the past few months, Ruby on Mac has become the utility that does the most regarding something I understand the least.

In a world where BMW owners are gonna pay to have heated seats and heated steering wheels, this was money well spent for me, and I love an app like this.

Merlin Mann

I found Ruby on Mac by searching everywhere for advice on how to fix Ruby on my Mac (which is only six months old, which you’d think wouldn’t be enough time for the Ruby and Jekyll installations to get as messed up as they evidently were—especially since I haven’t used Ruby for anything else—but I was wrong).

I didn’t have high expectations, but I was very pleased to see that it worked perfectly. I thought the price was too high; my company isn’t paying for this and I’m pretty much retired. The only reason I needed to get Ruby to work was so I could try to get Jekyll to work, and that wasn’t a sure thing, so there was a good chance it would be more money thrown away. But I was wrong and Ruby on Mac really is a good product.

Thanks again for a fine product, which (you were right) is well worth the price!

John DeTreville

So far, the outcome of using the script has been flawless. I've used one of your step-by-step guides in the past to setup an M1 Mac and was very happy with that, was also happy to learn along the way by taking the time and doing everything manually, but this time I didn't really want to take all the effort on my current Mac and I'm getting an M2 MBA in 2 weeks so figured it would be better to get the script and just make all this so much easier and faster.

Judson L Moore

It was so weird. I had two Mac M1 already and could install Ruby myself. And then I had another one and spent probably 4 hours trying to do exactly same setup as before and it never worked. And then I just bought your solution and everything worked on the first try!

Anton Podviaznikov

Just wanted to thank you for Ruby on Mac even though (or maybe especially since) I am not an engineer. I have not been able to run my portfolio site locally (Jekyll) since we bought an M1 Mac a long, long time ago. Parsing how to figure out wtf was not working and blindly copy/pasting commands into Terminal worked about as well as you expected, but I just purchased Ruby on Mac earlier today and for the first time was able to run my site locally again.

Carolyn Dew

I don’t remember exactly how I arrived at your site but it was after a lot of googling and trying to fix problems. I came across your landing page and kept it in a tab and after an hour or so I came across your site again and just bought it. I was really frustrated and gladly paid to have that problem fixed.

Paul Mignard

It did work exactly as expect, thank you. Honestly, since the introduction of Apple Silicon, setting up a Ruby dev environment has just become a real pain.

I have several projects that are locked into older versions of Ruby, for the time being, for various reasons, and Ruby 2.7.7 just wouldn't compile on my Mac Studio with Ventura with and Xcode 14. Whilst Googling issues I came across a post on your site and decided that $100 was a small price to pay to end the pain :)

Brilliant product!

Kieran Masterton

As a developer I felt like I should know how to setup and configure everything. I spent 10-15 hours trying to get things to work before buying Ruby on Mac.

I ran the script, sat back, and watched everything I was trying to do happen automatically! It was a relief to see "script ran successfully" at the end of everything!

Buy Ruby on Mac and get back to doing something of value instead of banging your head against a wall.

Ameesh Kapoor

Your script flawlessly installed Ruby 2.7.2, bundler, rails, sassc 2.4.0, and jekyll! You have truly earned the title of wizard, at least in my book! In my view you are unique in providing an automated script that actually works.

Martin Roberts

I initially thought Ruby on Mac was expensive, but I wanted to use Ruby to build a site using Jekyll, and I had already spent several hours trying to get it to work, but couldn't. So I bought it, and Ruby on Mac got things working instantly and cleaned up my environment so I could focus on developing.

I love that Ruby on Mac just works, but the main reason I would recommend it to others is Moncef (the creator). I had a couple of extra issues due to the mess I've made playing with different Python environments and flags. Moncef even released a new version within 24 hours to help me.

Michael Rogers

I bought Ruby On Mac for all the reasons really that you outlined in the benefits. I have a project that I am doing using Swift and I wanted to use CocoaPods on an M1 Mac. I was able to get it running with rbenv but it still threw up permission errors now and then. I have a short time to complete the work for my Masters degree so I felt this was certainly worth the cost to get the environment up and running and move on with the project. I really love the automation and the clean up with ROM.

Paul Olphert

Yes, it's a great product. I rarely ever leave reviews or provide feedback on products but I really was delighted with the script. I was attempting to build a site with Jekyll and was getting caught in a rat's nest of errors. I wasn't sure what needed to be done to resolve them and stack overflow posts were more confusing than helpful. Thanks!

Liam Quinn

Yes it worked very well. I bought it because without it all version managers failed to install ruby. Great tool!


Yes Ruby on Mac worked for me. I bought it because when I tried setting up a bare react native project I kept getting Ruby errors probably since Im on M2. Even after following your guide. So I bought ruby on mac, ran reset mode, and it worked.

Rick Wang

It totally worked. Thanks Moncef! I bought it because the last time I tried to get Ruby/Rails set up on new MacBook Pro it turned into a headache and I needed a developer to help me get it all done. I didn't want to bug a developer and with your tool I was able to get up-and-running all by myself. Totally worth the money.

Daniel Burka

The script was such a life saver. I was having problems for the last year getting a Flutter project to run on my regular laptop and ended up having to build it on my desktop instead this whole time. Finally got it working on my laptop too using your script after literally one year!

Nicole Manson

I'm not a professional developer but I do have some lingering skills left after 20 years of not coding at all, it helped me set up the right environment on a brand new mac to edit our jamstack website locally. So it gave me the ability to make updates and changes on the fly without paying a developer. But most importantly helped me set up my dev environment with all the necessary ruby/jekyll dependancis without going back and forth on Google asking why things wouldn't work. I'm glad I found your tool.

James Harrison

Thanks for the script, it really helped me get started with a lot of ease and minus the nightmares I faced for about 3 days trying to get it all up and running!

Cass Amino

I just wanted to say a big thank you for this script!! It’s just worked wonders getting Jekyll up and running on my new Apple M1 MacBook, after I’ve spent 2 days scratching my head trying to get everything setup.

Hamish Gray

YES, the script worked, thank you so much for your work. I stumbled upon it because somehow my gems didn’t work anymore and my dev setup has been a mess since forever, and it was great to get it running as a fresh start.

Christoph Rauscher

You (and your wonderful script) saved me from great peril today. I had developed my first Jekyll site some months ago. And I am now in the middle of developing a site using Eleventy.

Earlier today, I went back to my Jekyll site to make sure that I could still build it as I had some updates to make. Sadly, the site failed to build with the horrendous "ffi" error that is going around.

After numerous ill-fated attempts to get it working, trying every workaround that I could find, I ultimately came across your script. While it does take some time to get through it, I have to say that it has worked wonderfully!

My site builds once again and I feel like the ruby platform that your script placed on my system is far less fragile than before. Thank you again for the great script and your service to the community.

Bob Monsour

thank you thank you thank you - I've spent days trying to sort this out and you have definitely come to my rescue.

Ian Dodd

Yes it worked beautifully! I had to do a reset install but now everything is working well. I decided to buy Ruby on Mac after struggling with installing Jekyll on my Apple M1 laptop for many hours.

Cheers and thanks for the great work.

Joey Litalien

I was working on a project that required an older version of ruby and I couldn't get any version managers to work properly. This script is truly a lifesaver!

Gelo Rosel

Just a quick note to say thanks! Struggled for a day trying to get the Flutter development stack to work, which has dependency on cocoapods -> ruby which i have absolutely no interest in, but was causing builds to an iOS app to fail.

Your script worked as advertised and 15 minutes later i was deploying to iOS devices.

Robin Puthli

The script worked like a charm, and solved my problems. Thank you very much. All previous methods for installing Jekyll on a Mac M1 didn’t work for me.

Vincenzo Galdi

I remember that 3 years ago on my old Mac it took me almost two days to install Ruby so even though I find your script a bit expensive my time is even more valuable so I went for it.

Florian Huber

Ruby on Mac worked on the first try! I was led to your script by way of StackExchange, after beating my head against Mac vs bundler for over 2 hours. Who knew that managing Ruby would be even more painful than managing python on MacOS.


I spent hours trying to get things to work 🤣 As soon as I found your site, and read the details, it seemed like an easy choice. The price was very reasonable. Worst case scenario, it didn’t work, and I’d have asked for help or a refund.

After running it, it worked great and allowed me to install and use Jekyll. Saved me a lot of time! I would recommend Ruby on Mac because dealing with build tools can be very annoying. Not worth the time wasted when I’d rather spend time designing/coding.

Greg Smith

I was going round in circles trying to make Ruby and Rails work on my shiny new M2, and somehow found my way onto your site. Decided to take a chance that a shell script would be worth spending money on, and it was!

You have saved me a lot of pain, thank you.


Yes it worked fantastic thank you! I needed to create a simple rails app fairly quickly after not having coded in 8 years and I was on a new computer. After being surprised to not being able to do it on my own (i had done rails development for a long time) i found your site. And I got up and running very quickly.


It worked flawlessly (needed to run in reset mode) and completely fixed whatever it was that I broke. Saved me hours of time trying to google stuff.

Steve Lipscombe

So far it's worked great. I bought it because I've previously spent hours wrestling with Ruby, Jekyll, etc., trying to get everything to work properly, especially on Macs with Apple chips. I'd find a snippet on Stack Overflow and it would fix one issue only to create another.

Andrew Savikas

It did work for me. I was trying to submit a PR for an open source repo on their docs. They used Jekyll and I could not get the site to build locally. So I paid for your tool just to get all the things to run and fix their docs. It worked great.

Patrick Rachford

Yeah, I had to use your reset mode scripts to fix my setup, but after that it worked really well. Saved me a lot of time configuring my M2 MacBook to fix up an old client’s Rails app and modernize its stack. Thanks for making this available!

Ryan Mease

It did indeed work for me first try! I was led to purchase Ruby on Mac by a fussy first gen M1 Mac not playing nice with a Ruby install which was required when trying to install Jekyll. Thank you so much. Your scripts are extremely helpful!

Greg Larson

WOW! This is an excellent product. It resolved all my issues. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out for hours, and your product resolved everything in minutes. Thanks so much!

Aaron Mateer

The reset script solved things for me and I'm now running the Rails app! I've spent days and days trying to run this.

Tarik Hamilton

It was perfect and fixed some issue that I had spent days trying to fix!! Godsend of a product!

Xander Hastings

You are a lifesaver, I was struggling with installing rails on my m1 MBP and your script saved all the hassle. Clear cut instructions and all steps noted very well. I have become a fan.

Abdullah Ashraf

Thanks so much for the script, it worked brilliantly. I'm not a coder as such, and I am new to Mac, but I needed to set up an environment for viewing github pages files, and it required ruby, bundle, etc. but especially, jekyll, which I just could not get to install. So after viewing your instructions, it worked a treat.

John Heraghty

A whole day spent trying to diagnose "mkmf.rb can’t find header files for ruby at /usr/lib/ruby/include/ruby.h", "Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir - /Library/Ruby/Gems", take ownership of the /System/Library folder, reset ruby to a blank state, restore with time machine, and finally wipe ruby from my Mac altogether, and I finally come across a solution.

Moncef's script handles a bunch of the common failure states. I posted it [on Hacker News] because it saved a colleague a ton of time un-borking a homebrew ruby install earlier today.

Matt Hampel

Thank you for your script. After messing around trying to do something as simple as installing "asciidoctor" and being told that I lacked the "permissions" to do so (even using sudo or running as root), I felt that I did need a way to escape Apple's "invisible hand". And your thinking on the matter – automated scripts and local directory – persuaded me to give your script a whirl. Moncef ... watching your script run was a treat ... especially the "All done!" bit ... and the fact that asciidoctor is now operational.

Shawn Diehl

First, thank you so much for your efforts to develop such a Ruby script!! As a complete Ruby novice (and someone who generally struggles with his environment set up), I would have been lost without it.

Michael Marzec

Your script was a lifesaver, thank you so much, I am incredibly grateful for your work.

Justin Festa

The script worked great! Everything is working well now running natively on my Macbook Air M1. I'm really glad I found your script.

Rob Hausam

Hey Moncef, HUGE thanks for your work--your Ruby script in particular. It was exactly what I needed to fix my "dependency Hell" configuration glitches, re: Ruby and gems. Thanks again!

Jeff Helman

Yes! The script worked nicely. I was stuck in what seemed to be a common (from looking up online) Ruby install issue where the install file was trying to update gems/other in system Ruby, rather than install separately. Thankfully your script helped.

Dirk Kinley

This Ruby script saved me a lot of time, so thanks! I'm a recent frontend bootcamp grad and I'm tackling an open-source project involving Ruby. Helped me get my dev environment going quickly and properly.

Zach Johnson

Thanks so much for your Ruby install script. I have tried quite a few times over the years to install Jekyll and other Ruby-based static site generators on different Macs. It has never been a good experience and often doesn't result in a working Ruby installation. I recently got a new Mac and tried installing Jekyll again - which is when I found your website and signed up.

John Pilbeam

Thanks! This script worked smoothly at the first attempt. Potentially saved me lots of time figuring out Arm vs Intel issues on my M1.

Ray Waterman

Yeah the script was great and got me up and running really quickly so thanks for writing something that makes these things easy.

Chris Southall

Thanks for the script. It let fix my mess with diferent types of installations of Ruby I had on my mac.


Need to set up a laptop for development? I used this script and saved oh so much time.


The script worked great and I’m up and running. Thank you!

William Krug

Jekyll works now. Thank you so, so much!

Elan Samuel

Thanks for script. It worked great!

Marcelo Schroeder

Your script worked like a charm, thank you so much!

Rohan Joshi

Thanks for your help and for the beautiful script. Much appreciated!

Emil Hafeez

The script worked flawlessly!

Viktor Shamal Andersen

You're amazing!!! Your code saved me a lot of time :) Thank youuuu sooo much.

Shervin Ghanbary

Your script works like a charm. I have read some of your articles and they are extremely helpful.

Mher Movsisyan

just wanted to thank you for giving me the most painless clt/brew/git/rails install i've ever done. 10m!


Your script is a sanity-saver! Thanks!

Greg Bunch

Get back on track with Ruby on Mac.

Get peace of mind that you'll always have a working Ruby dev setup.