How do customers feel after buying Ruby on Mac?

I was trying to build Ruby 2.0.0 on my Macbook Pro M2 Max. Since upgrading my personal computer, I had been unable to make changes to my Rails 3 app except by patching directly in production. Scary!

I spent about five working days (so, ~30 hours) trying to follow various instructions, and even ChatGPT / Github Copilot.

I really didn't think I could survive an upgrade from Rails 3 to Rails 4. In the end I decided to buy Ruby on Mac, because I wanted to try it and then be able to talk to a person about how difficult would it be to go through the Rails upgrade given my configuration, versus the benefits of reconsidering a bigger platform change. I was really buying that half-hour with you.

A double failsafe is yours with Ruby On Mac. Not only has Moncef thought of everything and baked it into his Premium level script for individuals and teams, allowing your experienced and novice devs alike to be up and running SAME DAY / SAME HOUR with a reproducible, shared, do-it-again environment. He also backs that up with a guarantee that puts his time at your disposal if the script doesn’t cover your very unusual use case. He knows it backwards and forwards, and time spent with him is a godsend, never a waste.

If I had a bunch of Ruby developers, and even one of them said, well, I need a few hours to set up my environment, I would strongly encourage use of Ruby On Mac.

Dave Hunkins

Praise God for this tool! Thank you for developing it. This saved us weeks worth of troubleshooting and configuring everything. We may have never been able to figure it all out.

Tom Snide

My setup now starts with Ruby on Mac - it helps to get the machine into a state where I can just go about my day with RVM instead of fighting with the Mac's unfortunate default state. It's a serious time saver with some extra value add nuggets.

Wayne E Seguin

Creator of RVM

Everything worked perfectly. As a software developer for 35 years I can say I'm very impressed at what you have been able to put together. It seems pretty much bullet-proof. Bravo!

Stephen Bentley

Thanks for the excellent tool — I was just trying to get a ruby dev environment running on a new M3 mac and was running into exactly the kind of compatibility problems you'd expect. Ruby on Mac worked *perfectly* and saved me so much time. Thanks so much!

Pete Holiday

Thanks you for such a great product, inspiration struck last night and I didn’t waste any time getting set up - straight in to flow!

Chris Tucci

It was very helpful. It would take me a week if I wanted to do it myself. You should do this for other programming languages too.

Mohammad Esmaeilirad

Yes, it worked for me. And it worked without using the reset mode. I was using it for setting up a new mac. It was easier for me instead of installing everything I needed for development one by one.

Riana Andrianome

The process was quite smooth and I did not need to perform any resets or anything that the documents did not already specify.

I needed the tool to get the right version of Ruby installed properly as we develop hybrid mobile apps using Ionic and Angular and it was necessary for the CocoaPods component needed for compiling the code for an iOS app.

I do plan on getting a new dev machine soon so I will run your tool there too.

Jim Duffy

Principal, PlantLog

I'm a freelance web developer, focused mostly on the front end. I have some background with Ruby, but haven't used it in a while. Ruby on Mac helped me get all the dependencies sorted out and got my current project running locally, very grateful for how easy it was to use!

Gavin O'Connor

My local dev environment had become increasingly sloppy over the years — lots of migrations from computer to computer, permissions issues, etc. I spent a lot of time remedying things on my own, and I am so glad I found Ruby on Mac when I did.

I couldn't be more impressed with the product and am very appreciative of Moncef and the fantastic customer support. Ruby on Mac is well worth it.

Trent Walton

It is AMAZING !!!!!!! Excellent product.I got up and running within a few minutes. Just awesome

Nmuta Jones

Yes, it did work. A co-worker had discovered it. We are both iOS App Developers and recently inherited a very large app to maintain. It used 19 different frameworks all managed by CocoaPods which in turn is based upon Ruby. Though we have the latest Macs and MacOS, the Ruby included by Apple is older than current and that used by the framework developers.

Thankfully, I was able to “reset” my Ruby Stack using your tooling and saved probably a WEEK or more of “headbanging” getting all the dependencies sorted out. The iOS app went from having literally dozens of errors to a clean compile once that was done. Worth every cent.

Don Babcock

I have a new Mac that I was trying to run some old projects on, I couldn’t get any new versions of Ruby to install 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3. Ruby on Mac installed everything. I’ll recommend you next time I know someone spinning their wheels for a few hours.

Troy Anderson

Building my first iOS App and I'm using RevenueCat, so this was a huge time saver.

Antwan Thomas

I had to upgrade my laptop urgently, and after a couple of days trying to get things working on my new M2 mac, I saw ROM being referenced in several places. Decided to give it a try, and then upgraded to the full version so I could work on a legacy ruby project I'm upgrading. Everything went very smoothly.

I'm very pleased with the product and would recommend to anyone else doing ruby dev on a new mac.

Laura Williams

Dude, this rocks. I spent hours trying to get Jekyll to work on my new M2 Mac. Every time I thought I had it something else would break. Your script fixed it in about 10 minutes. Very clear instructions and it just works. Totally worth twice the price, IMO (I bought the $129 option).

All I want to do is write a simple blog with an easy-to-use static site generator. The whole purpose of using an SSG is so I can write _about_ code instead of writing code just to publish a blog post. And WordPress is just obsolete IMO for blogging.

Every single SSG I tried out had some issues. Thankfully your script resolved the Jekyll issues for me. I was skeptical your tool would work so was really pleasantly surprised that it did - perfectly.

Scott Lewis

Web Developer & Blogger,

I tried to install Jekyll and related software on my MacBookPro but kept getting error messages on the command line. I have done multiple searches on google and asked chat GPT for solutions, and must have spent a good 10 hours to try to fix this before I found Ruby on Mac.

Nothing, absolutely nothing worked before Ruby on Mac.

I took the decision in 10 minutes after reading your presentation and testimonials. Also the fact you are an independent developer.

What I like most is the fact it actually works on Mac, and your help in the few days after the buy. It was fantastic customer support, you did not give up and were super reactive and helpful.

Delphine Charlotte

I tell everyone I know to go get your script because it not only saves time and configuration nightmares but truly is outstandingly well done.

Peter Witham

Developer, Podcaster, Streamer

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I don’t know what to say. The documentation is thorough and this took less than 10 minutes on my Mac. At first I was like, this can’t be that easy.

I was skeptical because I really was trying to brute force a solution prior. I was doing all kinds of things (setting permissions on a folder, install this, install that, etc). I was just thinking that the script probably wouldn’t be able to perform as touted because of how old my files are and all the trial and error I was trying. I’m just so happy that it worked as advertised.

Nathan Boyd

Ruby on Mac worked for me while I was urgently trying to make it work! Thank you for that!

Stephen Tseu

I’m dabbling in app creation for the first time (I’m an absolute beginner in programming) and Flutter seemed like an appealing place to start.

However, in trying to get the environment up and running on my Mac, I was running into multiple Ruby errors on installation. One followed another and it was driving me mad.

I did use reset and it worked perfectly, fixing all my problems and saving me a lot of hassle for a newbie.

Matthew J Hicks

Digital Imaging Technician

Ruby on Mac worked quite well and it worked on first try. Saved me lots of hours and I haven't encountered any issues with getting existing and new projects to run on Android studio, Xcode or Flutter.

Honestly, it was a superb investment!!

Lawrence Inyang

Yeap, everything worked perfectly. I switched from Windows to Mac and I am beginner for Mac. I want to quickly hope to my iOS/Android project with Flutter.

Servet Birlik

It was worth the money. It had to use the reset mode on my iMac2015 Monterey 12.7.3 to get my flutter/kivy camera project working because of NO SwiftUI support in Xcode 14.2 and I can’t update to Xcode 14.2 because it needs MacOS 13.5 which is not possible on iMac2015.

Klaus Szyska

When I first purchased Ruby on Mac, it was smooth as silk, installed quickly and easily, no issues at all. I purchased it because I just bought my first apple computer (MacBook Pro) so learn flutter/dart to develop for android/iOS so I’m new to the MacOS. Ruby on Mac seemed like the best solution for getting ruby and having cocoa pods installed plus I felt that I wasn’t “going it alone” because you made it clear that I could address any issues or concerns to you directly, and that’s what made my choice for me. Thank you for building this tool.

David Hilliard

The app worked great, thank you! I was having errors trying to work on an old Jekyll site to make changes for a client. You saved me a lot of time and frustration :)

Max Karren

Seems to work great. I bought it because I wasn't looking forward to doing a fresh install on a new laptop. Thanks for a great product.

George Pasley

Yes, it is working well. I wanted a quick way to setup my Mac for dev. This did a great job.

Michal Ferber

I purchased Ruby on Mac because I'm starting to use fastlane for a project and from the research I did, most issues people ran into were caused by improper ruby set ups. I thought about going through the guide you also have posted but figured I would be better served by this tool in the long run.

Ethan Hipps

I was having some issues with react native environment setup. I use a M1 macbook and it was too hard to build a react native environment. I tried different versions of react native and ruby with no success. This was before rubyonmac :) The rubyonmac solved 99% of the issues with ruby and cocoapods dependencies. The only thing I had to do was to execute a "bundle install" and "pod install" inside the ios directory of my react native project and I was ready to go.

Marcelo Araújo

I ran the script yesterday and it worked a treat! Started it running and came back with it all done with no problems at all. I bought it as novice; it took away the hassle, saved time and did exactly what it said it would.

Scott Kuperus

Ruby on Mac worked perfectly. I was in trouble attempting to install cocoa pods in my Flutter project. And, yes, Ruby on Mac saved my day!

Carlo Corbo

It did work for me. I wanted to install 2.6.10 on M1/Venture and easily switch to other Ruby versions. Mission accomplished!

Johan Baaij

Setting up a really old rails app on a m2 Mac. Worked great first time.

Jesse N.

I bought it for the "reset" function. Dev env was a mess after trying many changes to solve an issue. Was happy to also have it to set up ruby env for a React Native iOS project after.

Jason Jones

You saved the day. You deserve every penny of what I paid today. I had an environment using grunt and compass to compile sass and suddenly after MACOS Ventura it ceased to work. I have to say that I was very cynical about the product, mostly if it would work, but it did! All is good now! Thank you!

Luis Alves


I wanted Jekyll to work on my machine and was on a time crunch, so I went ahead and bought ROM Ultimate. Definitely worked and I was able to get what I had to do done. Thank you for developing it!

Emily Serven

Front-End Web Developer & Designer

I don’t know anything about Ruby, but I wanted to use someone else’s Ruby script to utilize the OpenAI API on my Mac. I found Ruby on Mac when searching google for how to get a Ruby environment setup. I decided I didn’t want the hassle of doing it all myself and found your product which has worked great. Even for a complete Ruby n00b like me!

Jeff Williams

Worked like a charm. I needed a solution to debug and QA for a Flutterflow build. Couldn’t run flutter without updating Ruby version. Only wish I had found it sooner! I searched high and low. Website tutorials and everything. The price was reasonable to make a quick buying decision. I wouldn’t recommend any other solution for updating Ruby on a Mac.

Yusef Coleburn

UX/UI Product Design Consultant

Just wanted to thank you for Ruby on Mac even though (or maybe especially since) I am not an engineer. I have not been able to run my portfolio site locally (Jekyll) since we bought an M1 Mac a long, long time ago. Parsing how to figure out wtf was not working and blindly copy/pasting commands into Terminal worked about as well as you expected, but I just purchased Ruby on Mac earlier today and for the first time was able to run my site locally again.

Carolyn Dew

Senior Designer/Researcher, Nava

While I don't run into problems with my ruby environment often, every time I do, getting out of the hole I've dug for myself is slow and frustrating. I'd been trying to fix an issue and clearly made things worse before they were getting better. I spent probably more than an hour before I realized I wanted to clean up the mess and start "fresh".

Ruby on Mac had me back to a clean starting point within 15 minutes and the confidence to move forward again. The documentation and troubleshooting were some of the best I've ever seen for a very technical product. Impressed!

Alex Hillman

Founder, Indy Hall; Author of Tiny MBA

I spent around 3 days trying to solve dependencies and version issues mixed with an M1 mac chip while working on a Rails app. I looked and tried and retried so many possible solutions from so many sources on the web... but nothing was working. Then I clicked on the logo menu of one of the numerous blog posts I read, and I saw exactly the words I was looking for: "Goodbye gem and Ruby installation issues. Hello Ruby on Mac."

At first I thought it was too good to be true, but after a background check, I decided to go for it. And man it worked so well I am ready to dive into my app development again. Thank you again!

Monica Randriamialy

Founder, Nova Pixels

I ran Ruby on Mac and it worked great! It fixed all my stuff immediately.

I know just enough about using the Terminal to be dangerous, and Ruby on Mac has already gotten me out of that danger more times than I can count. I don't understand how Ruby on Mac does what it does, but I am insanely grateful that it does it. Over the past few months, Ruby on Mac has become the utility that does the most regarding something I understand the least.

In a world where BMW owners are gonna pay to have heated seats and heated steering wheels, this was money well spent for me, and I love an app like this.

Merlin Mann

Writer, Speaker, and Broadcaster

Includes quotes from ep. 583 of Back to Work podcast.

I found Ruby on Mac by searching everywhere for advice on how to fix Ruby on my Mac (which is only six months old, which you’d think wouldn’t be enough time for the Ruby and Jekyll installations to get as messed up as they evidently were—especially since I haven’t used Ruby for anything else—but I was wrong).

I didn’t have high expectations, but I was very pleased to see that it worked perfectly. I thought the price was too high; my company isn’t paying for this and I’m pretty much retired. The only reason I needed to get Ruby to work was so I could try to get Jekyll to work, and that wasn’t a sure thing, so there was a good chance it would be more money thrown away. But I was wrong and Ruby on Mac really is a good product.

Thanks again for a fine product, which (you were right) is well worth the price!

John DeTreville

Retired Computer Science Researcher

So far, the outcome of using the script has been flawless. I've used one of your step-by-step guides in the past to setup an M1 Mac and was very happy with that, was also happy to learn along the way by taking the time and doing everything manually, but this time I didn't really want to take all the effort on my current Mac and I'm getting an M2 MBA in 2 weeks so figured it would be better to get the script and just make all this so much easier and faster.

Judson L Moore

Author of Exponential Happiness

It was so weird. I had two Mac M1 already and could install Ruby myself. And then I had another one and spent probably 4 hours trying to do exactly same setup as before and it never worked. And then I just bought your solution and everything worked on the first try!

Anton Podviaznikov

Creator of

Many thanks for creating the script, it was the only way I could set up ruby 3+ on my Mac. My main Mac was super stubborn and I could only install ruby 2.x. My other machines were fine but clearly something in my environment was messing with the installation.

I had to use your script with the reset mode to make it work and then I manually reverted my other zshrc settings like Node, etc.

I literally spent more than a day trying to work it out and then your script came to the rescue! Awesome work putting it together 💯

Razvan Ilin

It worked! Thank you for your help! I don't usually like to pay to troubleshoot but this was definitely worth it!!!

Rebecca Krisel

Lecturer, Columbia University, SIPA

I don’t remember exactly how I arrived at your site but it was after a lot of googling and trying to fix problems. I came across your landing page and kept it in a tab and after an hour or so I came across your site again and just bought it. I was really frustrated and gladly paid to have that problem fixed.

Paul Mignard

Developer and Illustrator

Hi, thank you yes, it worked great, I had to run the reset option first and then the normal process worked perfectly, I was having an issue where Ruby installed but under various different circumstances things would abend due to it picking up wrong Library versions, so sometime X86 libraries incorrectly (I use an M2 Mac)

I needed a fast fix and came across your product on the web and decided to try it, it worked really well.

Peter Coldicott

President and CEO, Pragmatic Data Research Ltd.

As a new MacOs user, I had already given up on what to do as I couldn't even run flutter. Spent over 3 days trying to figure out how to get ruby to work and why Cocoapods won't even install.

Your RubyOnMac script helped me overcome a major headache and I just can't thank you enough. I am from a low purchasing power country and your discount code helped soften the financial blow to my earnings.

Thank You once again for developing such a wonderful tool.

Lawrence Inyang

It did work exactly as expect, thank you. Honestly, since the introduction of Apple Silicon, setting up a Ruby dev environment has just become a real pain.

I have several projects that are locked into older versions of Ruby, for the time being, for various reasons, and Ruby 2.7.7 just wouldn't compile on my Mac Studio with Ventura with and Xcode 14. Whilst Googling issues I came across a post on your site and decided that $100 was a small price to pay to end the pain :)

Brilliant product!

Kieran Masterton

I ran the script this afternoon and it worked perfectly. I had a sample app up and running with Tailwind in less than 30 minutes. Really impressive.

Philip Jeffs

Yes I'd recommend Ruby on Mac as it saved me hours of my time and let me get back to making my site.

I'm a hobby coder, I like making things for fun. I read an article about digital gardens which led me to want to update my personal site. I wanted to make a digital Garden cheaply and quickly and Jekyll seemed to suit my needs.

Unfortunately my terminal / shell knowledge isn't great. I tried to follow the tutorial from the Jekyll template but couldn't get it to work. I googled something about M1 mac's zshrc and rbenv init issues I think which took me to stackoverflow and found a link to your site.

I liked your site and the honest upfront offer to either do it myself or just outsource the problem! Quite a bit of social proof on the website so I went for it.

Anthony Langham

Love Ruby on Mac - made it much quicker to get up and running.

Alex Watson

As a developer I felt like I should know how to setup and configure everything. I spent 10-15 hours trying to get things to work before buying Ruby on Mac.

I ran the script, sat back, and watched everything I was trying to do happen automatically! It was a relief to see "script ran successfully" at the end of everything!

Buy Ruby on Mac and get back to doing something of value instead of banging your head against a wall.

Ameesh Kapoor

Head of Engineering, 412 Food Rescue

Your script flawlessly installed Ruby 2.7.2, bundler, rails, sassc 2.4.0, and jekyll! You have truly earned the title of wizard, at least in my book! In my view you are unique in providing an automated script that actually works.

Martin Roberts

I initially thought Ruby on Mac was expensive, but I wanted to use Ruby to build a site using Jekyll, and I had already spent several hours trying to get it to work, but couldn't. So I bought it, and Ruby on Mac got things working instantly and cleaned up my environment so I could focus on developing.

I love that Ruby on Mac just works, but the main reason I would recommend it to others is Moncef. I had a couple of extra issues due to the mess I've made playing with different Python environments and flags. Moncef even released a new version within 24 hours to help me.

Michael Rogers

I bought Ruby On Mac for all the reasons really that you outlined in the benefits. I have a project that I am doing using Swift and I wanted to use CocoaPods on an M1 Mac. I was able to get it running with rbenv but it still threw up permission errors now and then. I have a short time to complete the work for my Masters degree so I felt this was certainly worth the cost to get the environment up and running and move on with the project. I really love the automation and the clean up with ROM.

Paul Olphert

Yes, it's a great product. I rarely ever leave reviews or provide feedback on products but I really was delighted with the script. I was attempting to build a site with Jekyll and was getting caught in a rat's nest of errors. I wasn't sure what needed to be done to resolve them and stack overflow posts were more confusing than helpful. Thanks!

Liam Quinn

Yes it worked very well. I bought it because without it all version managers failed to install ruby. Great tool!


Yes Ruby on Mac worked for me. I bought it because when I tried setting up a bare react native project I kept getting Ruby errors probably since Im on M2. Even after following your guide. So I bought ruby on mac, ran reset mode, and it worked.

Rick Wang

It totally worked. Thanks Moncef! I bought it because the last time I tried to get Ruby/Rails set up on new MacBook Pro it turned into a headache and I needed a developer to help me get it all done. I didn't want to bug a developer and with your tool I was able to get up-and-running all by myself. Totally worth the money.

Daniel Burka

The script was such a life saver. I was having problems for the last year getting a Flutter project to run on my regular laptop and ended up having to build it on my desktop instead this whole time. Finally got it working on my laptop too using your script after literally one year!

Nicole Manson

I'm not a professional developer but I do have some lingering skills left after 20 years of not coding at all, it helped me set up the right environment on a brand new mac to edit our jamstack website locally. So it gave me the ability to make updates and changes on the fly without paying a developer. But most importantly helped me set up my dev environment with all the necessary ruby/jekyll dependancis without going back and forth on Google asking why things wouldn't work. I'm glad I found your tool.

James Harrison

"Thanks for the script, it really helped me get started with a lot of ease and minus the nightmares I faced for about 3 days trying to get it all up and running!"

Cass Amino

I just wanted to say a big thank you for this script!! It’s just worked wonders getting Jekyll up and running on my new Apple M1 MacBook, after I’ve spent 2 days scratching my head trying to get everything setup.

Hamish Gray

YES, the script worked, thank you so much for your work. I stumbled upon it because somehow my gems didn’t work anymore and my dev setup has been a mess since forever, and it was great to get it running as a fresh start.

Christoph Rauscher

You (and your wonderful script) saved me from great peril today. I had developed my first Jekyll site some months ago. And I am now in the middle of developing a site using Eleventy.

Earlier today, I went back to my Jekyll site to make sure that I could still build it as I had some updates to make. Sadly, the site failed to build with the horrendous "ffi" error that is going around.

After numerous ill-fated attempts to get it working, trying every workaround that I could find, I ultimately came across your script. While it does take some time to get through it, I have to say that it has worked wonderfully!

My site builds once again and I feel like the ruby platform that your script placed on my system is far less fragile than before. Thank you again for the great script and your service to the community.

Bob Monsour

thank you thank you thank you - I've spent days trying to sort this out and you have definitely come to my rescue.

Ian Dodd

Owner, Bone Desert Cycling

Yes it worked beautifully! I had to do a reset install but now everything is working well. I decided to buy Ruby on Mac after struggling with installing Jekyll on my Apple M1 laptop for many hours.

Cheers and thanks for the great work.

Joey Litalien

I was working on a project that required an older version of ruby and I couldn't get any version managers to work properly. This script is truly a lifesaver!

Gelo Rosel

Just a quick note to say thanks! Struggled for a day trying to get the Flutter development stack to work, which has dependency on cocoapods -> ruby which i have absolutely no interest in, but was causing builds to an iOS app to fail.

Your script worked as advertised and 15 minutes later i was deploying to iOS devices.

Robin Puthli

The script worked like a charm, and solved my problems. Thank you very much. All previous methods for installing Jekyll on a Mac M1 didn’t work for me.

Vincenzo Galdi

Professor, Fields & Waves Lab

I remember that 3 years ago on my old Mac it took me almost two days to install Ruby so even though I find your script a bit expensive my time is even more valuable so I went for it.

Florian Huber

Ruby on Mac worked on the first try! I was led to your script by way of StackExchange, after beating my head against Mac vs bundler for over 2 hours. Who knew that managing Ruby would be even more painful than managing python on MacOS.


I spent hours trying to get things to work 🤣 As soon as I found your site, and read the details, it seemed like an easy choice. The price was very reasonable. Worst case scenario, it didn’t work, and I’d have asked for help or a refund.

After running it, it worked great and allowed me to install and use Jekyll. Saved me a lot of time! I would recommend Ruby on Mac because dealing with build tools can be very annoying. Not worth the time wasted when I’d rather spend time designing/coding.

Greg Smith

I was going round in circles trying to make Ruby and Rails work on my shiny new M2, and somehow found my way onto your site. Decided to take a chance that a shell script would be worth spending money on, and it was!

You have saved me a lot of pain, thank you.


It really worked and helped me a ton! I got back to web development with Ruby On Rails and remembered the pain those gems can make😀 I‘ve bookmarked your tool a while back and told myself if i ever get back to RoR i will give your tool a try. Thanks for your work!

Sebastian Bachmann

Yes it worked fantastic thank you! I needed to create a simple rails app fairly quickly after not having coded in 8 years and I was on a new computer. After being surprised to not being able to do it on my own (i had done rails development for a long time) i found your site. And I got up and running very quickly.


So far it's worked great. I bought it because I've previously spent hours wrestling with Ruby, Jekyll, etc., trying to get everything to work properly, especially on Macs with Apple chips. I'd find a snippet on Stack Overflow and it would fix one issue only to create another.

Andrew Savikas

The unfathomable and horrible number of hours I would have spent in utter disappointment trying to do this all by myself are goners! And I can resume the Jekyll journey in peace now 😎 Thank you again.

Sarah Choukah

Yeah, it worked like a charm. Probably saved me from weeks of debugging rabbit holes. I will leave a positive comment on Twitter later! Thanks for putting together this tool, it's really helpful for setting up the development environment instantly without it being a hassle.

Cristian Nechuta

Hey! It worked perfectly! We were going to have a flutter workshop at work and i ran into many issues connected to Ruby and Cocoabeans during the devop enviroment setup for Flutter. I had spent hours trying to fix it and at last i just gave up and ran Ruby on Mac.

Nia Kvitatiani

I tried several times to install Jekyll so I could make a github website, and I couldn’t quite get all the dependencies to work together and after a ton of googling, chatbot troubleshooting, and reading the free part of your site I gave up and bought ruby on mac. Worked the first try! Worth every penny.

Matthew Slayton

Yes, Ruby on Mac worked for me. If I recall correctly, it worked on the first try. I’m a designer and front end developer, I’m strong with html, css, and JavaScript, but I am weak on the skills required to set up the lower parts of the tech stack.

I had a client project that required me to get a local version of their product running on my machine and I’d already spent a couple hours trying to figure it out, following various tutorials online, and was getting more and more frustrated until I found your app.

I knew I could have easily lost another day trying to figure out how to get Ruby running so the price of your app seemed a reasonable risk. It solved the problem for me immediately, so it was well worth it.

Frederick Brummer

It really was a life saver, not sure what other option I would have had other than to completely erase my computer start from scratch. That’s something I would not have done, I just would have not build projects and told the devs that I can’t help with testing. Really a dead-end blocker when this stuff doesn’t work.

Having had a Mac for many years, I think my system was clogged by some old configurations and pre M-1 builds. So various projects did not build for me and devs tried to help me but also could not figure it out. I spent many hours trying to understand how it works, but to no avail.

The Ruby on Mac reset did it though and so far things are working smoothly. Thanks for building this helpful tool.

Christoph Ono

Your script worked well and I like your choice of chruby and nodenv. I used ROM to basically to fix my botched ruby upgrade attempt and get away from the pre-packaged ruby on MacOS and save me a ton of time. Thanks again!

Jason Barnes

Thanks a lot, running "rom setup unity" and letting unity build to a clean folder made my game build again :) I was stuck updating my old Unity mobile games, because a lot changed in the building process over the years I was absent. I was really frustrated over this stuff, but now I am super happy that I found rom!!!

Alvar Pernroth

Yes, Ruby on Mac worked perfectly for me. I ended up buying it because I spent weeks on and off trying to get Ruby and Cocoapods working on my m1 mac without success.

Desmond Murphy

Yes, it worked! I had a cocoapods project I couldn’t get building on my M1 mac no matter what I did, and this finally solved the issue.

Ben Spees

I did manage to get it to work, I had to do reset mode to make sure cocoapods installed correctly! Your documentation really helped.

I ended using RoM because I was attempted to do the installation of run and cocoapods myself and I just got lost in it after 2 days. Im a budding new developer and I’m looking to teach myself mobile app dev with react native!

Thank you again for all your help!

Andrew Le

Thanks for the help - the reset worked really well. all my ruby gem and cocoa pods is working great. Appreciate it mate - worth the money I paid.

Nick Boyle

It worked flawlessly (needed to run in reset mode) and completely fixed whatever it was that I broke. Saved me hours of time trying to google stuff.

Steve Lipscombe

I used Ruby on Mac when setting up a new MacBook. Installation went well and was super fast. The documentation was helpful too :)


I recently bought a new MacBook Air m2 and had to reinstall it again but, I found my workflows way easier with ruby on Mac. It was a breeze to set up everything. I have a bunch of projects as well with ruby.

Jeffrey Monica

Yes, it's a life saver for us! .. thanks heaps!

Kelvin Yip

Founder, Dirt Map

I had a new Macbook Air with M2 out of the box and needed to update Ruby to run a React native App in XCode. I followed some developer instructions to update Ruby, Node and other elements and using Homebrew but it was not completing. I am not a developer myself and have limited technical knowledge.

I downloaded Ruby on Mac and tried it on an iMac27 with intel first. It updated successfully and did not display any errors. I then update the Macbook Pro M2 and got the same successful result. The app I was testing built successfully.

As a person with limited technical ability, having a ‘one-touch’ solution was an ideal outcome for my situation and I would recommend it to anyone else who is going through the same process.

Alan E

Yes it worked first time - brilliant!

I am trying to learn to code with Xcode but after the latest update to Xcode the sim stopped working and searching on line it was suggested I update Ruby - I might have managed it manually but decided to let your app do it!

Great software!

Adrian Thurley

I am running on Mac OS Ventura on a M2 Silicon Mac. Ruby On Mac worked like a charm and fixed my issues with cocoapods and Flutter.

Jason De Melo

Wow, Ruby On Mac FTW! 🔥 If only I could get those 10 hours back from the last few days spent trying to get 2.6.10 installed on this MacBook Air M1. 😅 Now my legacy Rails 5.1.7 / Ruby 2.6.10 app is running nicely and I can begin the process of upgrading to Ruby 2.7.7 🚀

Dan Weaver

Your Script helped me a lot. For your statistics. Before your script I lost already about 4h. With your script, I needed about 30 min.

Jan Kristinus

It did work for me. I was trying to submit a PR for an open source repo on their docs. They used Jekyll and I could not get the site to build locally. So I paid for your tool just to get all the things to run and fix their docs. It worked great.

Patrick Rachford

I migrated from MacBook Intel to MacBook M1. When I tried on my own, the Intel installation of home brew / Ruby didn’t work really good. I’m not a developer, but I use AsciiDoc and AsciiDoctor, Reveal JS and other stuff for technical documentations. I often work in terminal and use some nice tools like tmux. After buying Ruby on Mac all things work fine for me. Thanks so much for your helpful work.

Rainer-Maria Fritsch

Thank you. It worked as advertised. Had issues with trying tarball install of ruby 2.7.6 from repository on MBP M1. Ruby on Mac solved it.

Bob Graves

Yes it worked. I bought it because (1) the price was reasonable for the product; and (2) I know it would save me hours of time working on my own solution.

Dick Rovinelli

Your software is amazing and saved me lots of headaches, so thanks! :)

Christophe Chevallier

A big help to set up a codebase running on an older ruby version. Thanks!

Padraig McKee

Yeah, I had to use your reset mode scripts to fix my setup, but after that it worked really well. Saved me a lot of time configuring my M2 MacBook to fix up an old client’s Rails app and modernize its stack. Thanks for making this available!

Ryan Mease

It did indeed work for me first try! I was led to purchase Ruby on Mac by a fussy first gen M1 Mac not playing nice with a Ruby install which was required when trying to install Jekyll. Thank you so much. Your scripts are extremely helpful!

Greg Larson

WOW! This is an excellent product. It resolved all my issues. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out for hours, and your product resolved everything in minutes. Thanks so much!

Aaron Mateer

The reset script solved things for me and I'm now running the Rails app! I've spent days and days trying to run this.

Tarik Hamilton

It was perfect and fixed some issue that I had spent days trying to fix!! Godsend of a product!

Xander Hastings

"You are a lifesaver, I was struggling with installing rails on my m1 MBP and your script saved all the hassle. Clear cut instructions and all steps noted very well. I have become a fan."

Abdullah Ashraf

Thanks so much for the script, it worked brilliantly. I'm not a coder as such, and I am new to Mac, but I needed to set up an environment for viewing github pages files, and it required ruby, bundle, etc. but especially, jekyll, which I just could not get to install. So after viewing your instructions, it worked a treat.

John Heraghty

I’ve been banging my head on the wall for hours trying to solve a problem with Ruby on my new M1 mac. I think it was all from an Intel Mac misconfiguration which never bit me before.

I tried your script in normal mode, it failed and told me to run in reset mode. I did and then ran your script again in normal mode. It worked beautifully.

Thanks for making such a great product. Great instructions too.

Richard Stacpoole

Everything works great. Thank you! I had trouble with old Ruby versions after updating to Ventura on my Mac and spent days working around it. Ruby on Mac saved me, thanks a lot!

Oleksandra Savchenko

A whole day spent trying to diagnose "mkmf.rb can’t find header files for ruby at /usr/lib/ruby/include/ruby.h", "Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir - /Library/Ruby/Gems", take ownership of the /System/Library folder, reset ruby to a blank state, restore with time machine, and finally wipe ruby from my Mac altogether, and I finally come across a solution.

"Moncef's script handles a bunch of the common failure states. I posted it [on Hacker News] because it saved a colleague a ton of time un-borking a homebrew ruby install earlier today."

Matt Hampel

Thank you for your script. After messing around trying to do something as simple as installing "asciidoctor" and being told that I lacked the "permissions" to do so (even using sudo or running as root), I felt that I did need a way to escape Apple's "invisible hand". And your thinking on the matter – automated scripts and local directory – persuaded me to give your script a whirl. Moncef ... watching your script run was a treat ... especially the "All done!" bit ... and the fact that asciidoctor is now operational.

Shawn Diehl

First, thank you so much for your efforts to develop such a Ruby script!! As a complete Ruby novice (and someone who generally struggles with his environment set up), I would have been lost without it.

Michael Marzec

Your script was a lifesaver, thank you so much, I am incredibly grateful for your work.

Justin Festa

The script worked great! Everything is working well now running natively on my Macbook Air M1. I'm really glad I found your script.

Rob Hausam

Hey Moncef, HUGE thanks for your work--your Ruby script in particular. It was exactly what I needed to fix my \"dependency Hell\" configuration glitches, re: Ruby and gems. Thanks again!"

Jeff Helman

Yes! The script worked nicely. I was stuck in what seemed to be a common (from looking up online) Ruby install issue where the install file was trying to update gems/other in system Ruby, rather than install separately. Thankfully your script helped.

Dirk Kinley

This Ruby script saved me a lot of time, so thanks! I'm a recent frontend bootcamp grad and I'm tackling an open-source project involving Ruby. Helped me get my dev environment going quickly and properly.

Zach Johnson

Thanks so much for your Ruby install script. I have tried quite a few times over the years to install Jekyll and other Ruby-based static site generators on different Macs. It has never been a good experience and often doesn't result in a working Ruby installation. I recently got a new Mac and tried installing Jekyll again - which is when I found your website and signed up.

John Pilbeam

Thanks! This script worked smoothly at the first attempt. Potentially saved me lots of time figuring out Arm vs Intel issues on my M1.

Ray Waterman

Yeah the script was great and got me up and running really quickly so thanks for writing something that makes these things easy.

Chris Southall

Thanks for the script. It let fix my mess with diferent types of installations of Ruby I had on my mac.


Need to set up a laptop for development? I used this script and saved oh so much time.


The script worked great and I’m up and running. Thank you!

William Krug

Jekyll works now. Thank you so, so much!

Elan Samuel

Thanks for script. It worked great!

Marcelo Schroeder

Your script worked like a charm, thank you so much!

Rohan Joshi

Thanks for your help and for the beautiful script. Much appreciated!

Emil Hafeez

Thanks so much for all of your help I really really appreciate it and love your product.

David Degenstein

The script worked flawlessly!

Viktor Shamal Andersen

You're amazing!!! Your code saved me a lot of time :) Thank youuuu sooo much.

Shervin Ghanbary

Your script works like a charm. I have read some of your articles and they are extremely helpful.

Mher Movsisyan

just wanted to thank you for giving me the most painless clt/brew/git/rails install i've ever done. 10m!


Your script is a sanity-saver! Thanks!

Greg Bunch

Although I know my dev environment is messed up from migrating from Intel to M1, it's worked for Python ecosystem for whatever reason. Now, your tool (and help!) helped me get all that cleaned up, which is great not just for Ruby but in general. Thanks again for the excellent support


My dev environment got screwed up and it still wasn't fixed after a few hours, so i gave Ruby on Mac a try. It worked, because I was able to get back up and running. Thanks!

Rod Klingler

Yes, it works for me, on the first run. I messed up with the setup of Ruby on my Mac, so I ordered your app to fix my Mac.


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