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  • Everything in Basic

  • Reset mode that automatically starts over from scratch in 60 seconds

  • Bundler, Jekyll, Rails

  • Git, GitHub CLI, Heroku CLI

  • Node, Nodenv, Postgres, Redis, Yarn

  • Install Mac apps with Homebrew Cask and mas

  • Run the script again by simply typing "rom" to keep your dev setup up to date and secure

  • Support for fish shell

  • Easy customization

  • Colorized output

  • Install gems 4x faster

  • Keeps Rubygems up to date

  • Support within 24 hours



25% of people choose Basic.

  • Homebrew, Command Line Tools

  • Latest Ruby with chruby and ruby-install

  • Troubleshooting guide to fix issues manually

  • Spend an hour running 50 steps manually to start over from scratch

  • Support within 48 hours

Budget Option

If you can't afford the script versions of Ruby on Mac, you can get the guide-only version where you'll have to spend several hours reading and doing everything manually. It includes instructions for installing the basic tools, and the troubleshooting guide for starting over from scratch. It does not include free updates for future macOS versions.

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Push Entertainment
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Arizone State University

“Your script flawlessly installed Ruby 2.7.2, bundler, rails, sassc 2.4.0, and jekyll! You have truly earned the title of wizard, at least in my book! In my view you are unique in (a) providing an automated script that actually works; and (b), more importantly, in filling what is in my experience a complete vacuum in support from the Jekyll site itself.”

Martin Roberts

“Thanks for the script, it really helped me get started with a lot of ease and minus the nightmares I faced for about 3 days trying to get it all up and running!”

Cass Amino

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for this script!! It’s just worked wonders getting Jekyll up and running on my new Apple M1 MacBook, after I’ve spent 2 days scratching my head trying to get everything setup.”

Hamish Gray

“You (and your wonderful script) saved me from great peril today. I had developed my first Jekyll site some months ago. And I am now in the middle of developing a site using Eleventy. Earlier today, I went back to my Jekyll site to make sure that I could still build it as I had some updates to make. Sadly, the site failed to build with the horrendous "ffi" error that is going around. After numerous ill-fated attempts to get it working, trying every workaround that I could find, I ultimately came across your script. While it does take some time to get through it, I have to say that it has worked wonderfully! My site builds once again and I feel like the ruby platform that your script placed on my system is far less fragile than before. Thank you again for the great script and your service to the community. ”

Bob Monsour

“YES, the script worked, thank you so much for your work. I stumbled upon it because somehow my gems didn’t work anymore and my dev setup has been a mess since forever, and it was great to get it running as a fresh start. ”

Christoph Rauscher

“thank you thank you thank you - I've spent days trying to sort this out and you have definitely come to my rescue.”

Ian Dodd

“The script was such a life saver. I was having problems for the last year getting a Flutter project to run on my regular laptop and ended up having to build it on my desktop instead this whole time. Finally got it working on my laptop too using your script after literally one year! ”

Nicole Manson

“Thanks so much for the script, it worked brilliantly. I'm not a coder as such, and I am new to Mac, but I needed to set up an environment for viewing github pages files, and it required ruby, bundle, etc. but especially, jekyll, which I just could not get to install. So after viewing your instructions, it worked a treat.”